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Not all of the glass shown is currently available for sale because someone else may have loved it and bought it already. Each piece is unique and handmade, so there are no others exactly like it in stock. But donít despair! Sutherland Art Glass is making new pieces all of the time, so there are many others available that are just as nice that are not included here.

To see if a piece that is pictured on this site is available and to find out its exact cost, please call or e-mail us and provide the following information:

Inventory No.__________________________________________________

Your Name____________________________________________________

Your Street Address_____________________________________________

Your City, State and Zip Code_____________________________________

Your Telephone Number__________________________________________

Your e-mail____________________________________________________

Shipping Address (if different from your address)_______________________________________________________


Recipient Name (if different from your name)_________________________


As soon as you call or e-mail us, we will let you know if the piece you want is still available and give you its exact price, including shipping and handling (which run about $25 -$35 in the continental U.S., except for the Sea Creatures, which run about $15 for the continental U.S.) and sales tax, if any. We will then ship as soon as we receive a check or money order from you. We do not accept charge cards (sorry).

If the piece you like is not available, we will either select a substantially similar piece for you or let you know what else we have available that you might like, perhaps in the same design but a different color, or a different design but similar colors.

We only accept returns within 15 days. You must call us first, then ship the piece back to us, insured for its full value, and you must pay the cost of the return shipping and insurance.

Buying in Person

Sutherland Art Glass can be viewed and purchased live, in person in Seattle, Washington. The largest selection is kept in our inventory, which can be viewed by appointment. Sutherland Art Glass also holds open houses in Seattle at twice a year, before Christmas and before Motherís Day. The open houses are a wonderful opportunity to peruse our inventory at your leisure and meet the artist. Refreshments are served, and a good time is had by all. For more information about the date and location of the next open house, call 206-782-4190 or e-mail us at

Lectures and Private Shows

We are available for lectures and/or slide shows on glassblowing and glass art appreciation. The lectures are free if they are to be attended by at least 15 people, but you must supply the transportation and lecture equipment (podium, lectern, microphone if the room is big, slide projector, and screen).

Private showings of Sutherland Art Glass to groups and studio or inventory tours can also be arranged. Contact us at 206-782-4190 or e-mail us at

Buying in a Gallery

Sutherland Art Glass is carried in several galleries and shops in Washington State. For information on a gallery near you, or for information on carrying Sutherland Art Glass in your gallery, contact us at 206-782-4190 or e-mail us at

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