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Karen Sutherland
Glass Artist

Artist’s Statement

Our world, particularly if we work in an office or at a computer all day, is becoming increasingly cerebral, two-dimensional, and devoid of emotion. I believe humans need more to nourish themselves. I am inspired by the people around me and the bits of nature that make their way into my urban environment. My blown glass pieces are intended to bring a little color and joy into the hearts and minds of all who see them. They provide a sense of peacefulness while allowing the natural creativity and playfulness of the human spirit to flow.

Education: University of Washington
Bachelor of Arts awarded 1980
Seattle, WA
  University of Washington School of Law
Seattle, WA
Juris Doctor awarded 1984
Training: Pratt Fine Arts Center 1995-1997
Seattle, WA

Glassblowing I
Glassblowing II
Cane & Murrini
Large Scale Blowing
Color Application
  Pilchuck Glass School 1996
Stanwood, WA
Hot & Cold Glass
Emerald City Fine Art
Seattle, WA
Third Annual Juried Glass Festival
September 2000
  Pilchuck Glass School 1996
Stanwood, WA
Student group show
  Modern Museum of Art 1999
Kitakyushu, Japan
Other: Ms. Sutherland’s glasswork has been featured in the following:
  Washington Law and Politics, "The Artful Litigator: The hot air and fried hair of Karen Sutherland"
February/March 2002
  Tekbug Magazine
"Artifice -- Heart of Glass"
September 13, 2001
  KPTV Channel 12
Portland, OR
“Northwest Reports” June 30, 1996
  Washington Journal Magazine
“Breaking the Glass Ceiling” April 1999
  King County Bar Bulletin
King County, WA
“Profile-Karen Sutherland” April 1999
  KOMO TV Channel 4 News
Seattle, WA
“What Women Want in Their Careers” June 9, 1999
  KOMO TV Channel 4 News
Seattle, WA
“ zshops” September 29, 1999
  KOMO TV Channel 4 News
Seattle, WA
“Karen Sutherland, Glassblower, Thankful for Fulfilling Her Dreams”
Thanksgiving Day, 1999
  Ms. Sutherland is a member of the Glass Art Society.

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